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  2. Product Description accounts Use these to look through order history and steal work, steal admin logins and funds, for cleaning dirty paypal funds, spreading malware, and much more! Accounts are all stolen from genuine users Many will have email access but this is not guaranteed. ★ ======================================================★ FAQ: Q.Do these have payment method attached? A. YES! An active CC is attached to these accounts Q.Can you guarantee a balance on the account? A. No, but you should be able to deposit with the CC. No refunds for failed deposits, this is basic OPSEC and your responsibility! Q.Can you guarantee an aged account? A. No, only active CC (For bulk purchases this can be arranged however- PM me for details) ★ Refunds will only be given if you cannot login using details provided or there is no CC attached, not for any other reason. По $15 продает.  
  3. Что я тебе могу сказать.... Я не продаю эти ба и мне как то фиолетово! Просто я дал условия продаж ба саморегов вендоров с которыми лично работал по другим направлениям и потратил на их товары и услуги не одну k зелени! Конкретно на эти самореги есть куча отзывов кто покупал и никто не жалуется! Так что если ты кроме ввх с их идиотской политикой набива репы не видел нормальных площадок по продаже фрода и других не особо легальных вещей - то самое время заняться! Например на этой же площадке знаю 2-х вендоров с белыми заливами ПП. Именно белыми! Никакого СВ и никаких проблем с обналом. Стоимость - 90% от суммы залива. До фига конечно. Но на дистанции неплохой плюс получается. Сам так уже с ними не один месяц работаю. По твоей логике тоже золото по цене кирпича! Почему себе не заливают и т.д. Мне без разницы почему себе не льют! Главное что я получаю такие переводы от них и нормально себя чухаю! Все зависит от оборотной суммы.  
  4. В дарке на одной площадке. Я просто хочу сказать что ба саморег найти небольшая проблема. Нужно желание и 2-3 сотни зелени).  
  5. Вот какие банки есть: 1. Product Description ★ HIGH QUALITY BANK DROPS ★ Business PP ★ Google Voice I'm providing High Quality Bank Drops. What does that mean ? Those accounts are created on the spot ONLY FOR YOU. You are the sole owner of the account and have access to every information/password/secret questions used for the creation of the account and can change them to your liking. PLEASE READ THE LISTING AS WELL AS THE FAQ PART. I WILL NOT ANSWER TO YOUR PM IF THE ANSWER CAN BE FOUND HERE. ★FEATURES★ [★] Full working bank account ►These accounts are like your own bank account. They have their own routing and account number, are capable of receiving wire transfers from the US or any other country in the world. You have a full access to online banking and can check your balance at any time, or request a debit card (which is needed to emit wire transfers). The accounts are ACH capable out-of-the-box and can be linked to any payment processor you like, thus allowing you to move funds with this feature. The bank used will probably will be one of those : Suntrust, Capital One, Schwab... There is no best one, they are all working the same way. The account is paperless, meaning that no physical document will ever be sent. This way, your account can last virtually forever. [★] Business paypal ►Every account comes with a linked Business Paypal. The bank account will already be confirmed on Paypal and you can start to receive funds immediately. [★] Google voice ►You will get full ownership of the gmail address used to open the account. It comes with a google voice number that was used for the creation process. You can use it as you wish to get verified on any other payment processor or institution you want. [★] Fullz information ►You get every information from the fullz used to open the account, including Full name, Date of Birth, SSN and anything that could be useful for you to use with your fresh bank account. You have full access to every account and can change password, recovery information and so on. I will also provide you browser data and IP information in order for you to look like the person that opened the account. [★] Guide ►A little guide is provided with the What to do and What not to do to keep your account from being flagged/burned. However, those are just some tips, and best practices, and I strongly suggest that you follow them if you want to be successful. [★] Custom Package ►If you order the custom package option, do not forget to provide me what you need in buyer notes. This can be anything, specific state, age, gender etc. The only thing I can't guarantee is which bank you will have. You can still provide me with a preferred one, but it's not sure that I will be able to get you one account in this bank. [★] RDP Package ►If you order the RDP package option, you will get a fully set-up RDP (The one used to open the account) working out-of-the-box, with a 1 month subscription. You will have access to all the details needed to renew it for as long as you wish [★] Premium Package ►The premium package is RDP Package + Custom Package + 25$ initial deposit (3-7 days delivery depending on business days). You will get a fully customized bank drop with first deposit done, and the account will already be aged by few days or a week. Fullz State is at my discretion as RDP are not available everywhere. [★] FAQ [★] ►How can I get a debit card with the account ? You need to provide me with your USA drop address in buyer notes. You need to order for one of the customized options as well. I do not ship or reship them myself, they'll come directly from the bank. So only USA address. ►Can you do X, Y or Z bank ? No. I can do banks that are listed previously, it will be updated if it changes at some point. ►Can you tell me how to cashout and make money with your product ? No. If you don't know how to use this product nor what to do with it you are probably looking at the wrong product. ►Can I transfer 100k per month on the account ? Can I withdraw 10k per day at atm ? Common sense. They are regular bank account. What would happen if you wired 100k on your own bank account or withdraw 10k per day at atm ? Well that's the same here. You can check the terms and conditions on the bank website themselves. As a side note, I'd like to highlight that every bank drop is manually created on the spot for you. Therefore, every information you get is valid, and I provide you with a working account, and some guidelines to follow. I will not be held responsible if you burn your account by doing stupid things. I won't provide tech support either, setting up an RDP/socks or anything like that should be common knowledge for you. If not, you are probably buying the wrong product. However, for everything else, I'm open for discussion at any time. 2. Product Description I am now selling premium bank drops. These drops are from high quality banks such as bank of america, BB&T, or TD bank. If you order it will be one of these. The initial deposit will already be completed, and the debit card will be mailed to your drop. When you buy you will receive: - Online banking login - Debit card to your drop in the mail + checkbook. - The fullz info that the account was setup with. - The email login that the bank account was setup on. The price for these is 250$ as suggested by a few of the people I have spoken to here. The debit card shipping time can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days.  
  6. Сам как то хотел приобрести. Но как выяснилось не особо дешевое удовольствие. В комплекте с Vps с подвязанной бизнес палкой и подвязанным акком к одной из бирж по биткам - $205. На выбор предлагают Сантраст ТД Банк или Чейз.  
  7. Заливы за товары принимаешь или только семейные?  
  8. Goods/services вообще никак? И если семейные лить $500+ процент мой до 55% можно поднять?  
  9. Goods/services принимаешь? Или только семейные?